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Operations & Call Centre

Care Accessible Transportation has extensive experience in providing transportation services for clients with a variety of needs. Our clients are given quality of service they expect in a way that optimizes operational efficiency.

Our state-of-the-art call centre is operational 24/7/365. This means we are always here for you. The centre is staffed with experienced customer care representatives, dispatchers and supervisors to make sure your transportation needs are always met. We use intelligent transportation systems to efficiently manage our day-to-day business operations.

Computer Aided Scheduling & Dispatch System
An integrated transportation management system that manages reservations, scheduling, dispatching and reporting.

Voice Communications System
Two-way voice communication radio, over-the-air frequency and cellular phone options are used.

Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL)
Computer web-based real-time AVL system for accurate vehicle GPS tracking

Security Camera System
Two to four on-board cameras with a digital video recorder (DVR)

Fare Transaction Processor (FTP)
As per our clients requirements, we can install and maintain any fare collection system (i.e. PRESTO)

Client Care
Our customer care and dispatch staff members are skillfully trained to handle all day-to-day transportation inquiries including reservations, booking confirmations, dispatching, locating a vehicle or driver and customer concerns.

Communications Management
To manage all communications between our operators and clients, we use a variety of robust business telecommunications tools such as

Operator communication is done through various methods, depending on the clients requirements. We can communicate through dedicated cellular hand-held smart-phone devices, 2-way digital radios, and open-air frequency.

Land-line voice communications are handled through our corporate telecommunications system. We constantly monitor calls to ensure quality control and for ongoing staff training.

Information management is handled and supported by a secure enterprise networked server based system. All data, applications and information is securely stored and protected.

The objective of our communications strategy is to enable information sharing that allows Care Accessible Transportation to maintain an effective operations and workforce and to facilitate communication between ourselves and our clients.